Ceiling t grids also called ceiling t bar is used for ceiling suspension system: 


The Gypsum T-Bar Ceiling is a low-cost, easy to install and modify ceiling tile system. A variety of styles and patterns are available.

The Gypsum T-Bar Ceiling is designed so that each structure can be attached to each other without knotting or screwing in. The minor grid system is simply attached to the main grid and the gypsum board is then attached to the T-bar. This provides easy installation with the ability to attach and detach tiles as required using the T-bar’s instant lock feature. The majority of the material can also be recycled.

The T-Bar Ceiling provides a heat block feature and the tiles are also easy to remove in case the ceiling tiles’ system needs repair or replacing.Various dimension for choice: 32H24T, 38H24T, 32H15T, etc.

Length: 600mm, 610mm, 1200mm, 1220mm, 3600mm, 3660mm

Thickness: 0.27mm, 0.30mm, 0.35mm,etc.


Flat surface :white, black, golden, blink golden, silver, blink silver, yellow, etc.

Flat groove line in middle: white, black,etc.

3D groove in middle: white, black.etc.


  • 1. Double-sided polyester paint and professional roll forming equilibrium capacity 8.3kg/m2,
  • suitable for many kinds of ceiling suspension board
  • 2. Hot-dipped galvanized treatment, anti-corrision and rust resistance
  • 3.10 years warranty and 15 years system warranty
  • 4. 3D groove steel T-grid series: generous, clean, good sense of space and texture
  • 5.  Surface smoothness and easy cleaning  
  • 6.  Flexible suspension system makes each ceiling tile easily installed and disconnected
  • 7.  Easy to match lamps or other ceiling parts
  • 8.  Surface color can be stable for 10 years by indoor use 
  • 9.  Loading capacity:>=15kgs/m2
  • Aluminum and false ceiling
  • T grid suspension system 
  • G.I. drywall for ceiling and for partition.
  • Gypsum board and PVC gypsum ceiling tile
  • .Acoustic mineral Fiber ceiling board

Ceiling tiles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, in addition to the standard tiles, custom tiles are available from most manufactures. Ceilintiles can be made in virturally any shape.

Standard sizes are listed below in inches

12" x 12" 12" x 24" 24" x 24"
24" x 24" 24" x 48" 24" x 60"
24" x 72" 30" x 30" 20" x 60"
30" x 60" 60" x 60" 48" x 48"

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      Installation guide

        Flat surface 

Flat surface



The most commonly used T shapes are 15/16" wide; however, 9/16" wide T shapes are becoming more common. Suspended ceiling manufacturers also make a variety of shapes that offer aesthetic options to the designer. A stepped T shape is often used with tegular tiles to provide a more ceiling with more depth. A reveal T shape provides a notch along the length of the grid that makes the T shapes recede more than a typical T shape.

     Standard t shape

        Stepped t shape

         Reveal t shape

Square edge

Beveled tegular edge

Tegular edge

Concealed edge