Acoustic perforated plasterboard-irregular holes

Acoustic perforated plasterboard-irregular holes

Model No.︰APP-01

Brand Name︰HUAXIN

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 5 / pc

Minimum Order︰500 pc

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Product Description

Acoustic perforated plasterboard

Irregular bubble board series

Irregular plate, divided into large bubbles, small bubbles of two, 

the use of sophisticated perforation technology, has excellent 

absorbing properties and unique perforationeffect,meet the demand 

of high acoustic design andinterior designer,installation or construction: 


the construction and simpleas gypsum board, and can achieve

large-area seamless effect. suitable for engineering project types: 

office, hotel lobby, conference room, hall,exhibition hall need good 

decorative effect and absorption requirements of the project.

Applied to the wall and the top surface.


Product specifications

Model: P2400

Perforation size: 8/15/20mm, 12/20/35mm round hole



12x1200x2400mm, can produce other size 

Surface treatment: Plain

The back cover material:

white, black, blue sound-absorbing cloth

The perforation area: H1

Weight: 9.4kg/ square meters

Acoustic performance: aw 0.65; NRC 0.70; RH 70


Payment Terms︰ T/T or L/C

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