Acoustic perforated plasterboard

The circular hole series

circular hole series process for the production of high-quality, lined

with beautifulhole, these distributions in the hole shaped hole surface punching gypsum

board, not only increases the aesthetic effect of punching gypsum, create

a comfortable feeling of serenity, and small air tribute vibration, more

make punching gypsum board hasexcellent sound absorption effect and the ability to

reduce noise, and punching gypsum board to adjust the indoor temperature in fire, light

reflection, etc., have outstanding performance.


Product specifications

Model: Y2400

Perforation size: 6mm, 8mm, 12 mm, 15 mm

Dimensions: 12.5x1200x2400 mm can produce other size according to user requirements

Surface treatment: Plain

The back cover material: white, black, blue sound-absorbing cloth

The perforated areas: H1, H2, H2L, H4, H4L, H6, H8 other perforation can be made to order

Weight: 9.4kg/ square meters

Acoustic performance: aw 0.65; NRC0.70; RH70

Irregular round hole plasterboard

Irregular round hole plasterboard

Round hole plasterboard

Square hole plasterobard